• Every Day is Taco Time!From 3-​5​ PM daily, ​prices start ​at just $2.​99​!

  • Just one bite of our Fish Tacos and you'll know why they're Cape Cod's #1 Fish Taco!

  • Our Fruit Smoothies are loaded with fruit. They taste good & they are good!

  • Get in the fast lane with one of our delicious premium blended EXPRESS drinks.

  • Our salads are made with farm fresh lettuce chopped by hand & double washed.

  • There's no substitute for freshly cooked beans or handcrafted guacamole & salsa.

  • We brew our coffee with premium beans that are locally roasted in micro batches.

  • It's the fresh tasty ingredients that bestow Burrito Bistro's burritos with brilliance!

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